This course emphasizes on the practical understanding of principles of degradation that occurs in short term and long-term operation of reformers. Provides metallurgical understanding and damage mechanisms of Reformer tube. Helps you to solve the problems and take the first-hand judgment on the reformer tube.

Develops an attitude to analyze the difference in metal behavior helps to decide better mitigation to the persistent tube failures.

Recognize general procedures, techniques and precautions in failure analysis and how stress systems relate to fracture of ductile and brittle materials. helps you to conduct and supervise basic failure Investigation and effectively communicate with Metallurgists on more complicated cases.

Invented to improve reliability of company operations, cost savings, increase profitability, and enhance safety.

Reformer Tube
Training session topics

  • Introduction
  • Basics of metallurgy and heat resistant stainless steel
  • Design considerations of reformer tube
  • Damage mechanism in reformer tube
  • Metallurgical evolution of creep resistance reformer tube material
  • Remaining life assessment of reformer tubes
  • When to retire reformer tube
  • NOT in reformer tube
  • Failure investigation approach and case studies

Course Fee : Rs. 2949 Including Tax (Limited Time Offer)

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