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We have our web server. The time you visit our webpage or website, our server recognizes IP Address automatically. It’s just that piece of information we get from our server. Please note – Our server does not collect any confidential or private information such as phone number, email address or any other details when you visit our webpage or website.

Below are the conditions we happen to receive your email addresses as well as contact information from you:

Ø  Register for any premium course or tutorial

Ø  Subscribe to our newsletter for our products and services or make a book purchase

Ø  Enroll into any certification program we run

Ø  When you want to download a catalog or request for a print catalog

Ø  In case you would like to download whitepapers or submit enquiry through online form on the website

Ø  Register for any online assessment test

It’s important to note – Your billing and payment information is only used in cases to completing your purchases’ transactions. Billing and payment information consists of name, address, telephone number, fax number and/or credit card number. We receive such information when you make any book purchase or register for premium course on your website.

The best part is – We never and ever share your personal or private information, including payment credentials with other third party vendors or organizations for commercial purposes. We may use such contact information in case we want to use them to improve your experience on our website and/or provide the best information or product knowledge to you at hand.


When it comes to storing visitor’s preferences and session information, we do in form of cookies. In fact, it helps to improve website experience for our website visitors and provide the best convenience at the same time. So, we store such cookies!


In case you provide us with your contact information, then we may use it to contact you. We may contact you through Mail, Phone, Fax or Email in a timely manner to ensure you have the best updates and information about our services and products we offer. The best part is – You can always let us know if you don’t want to have such information, then we will stop such communications right away.