It is always a challenge to ensure continuous operation of

heat exchanger

, Shutdown to Shutdown maintenance is a key to avoid failures and helps to continue uninterrupted operation.

Heat Exchanger
Training session topics

  • Metallurgical aspects of

    heat exchanger

    , design and manufacturing considerations.
  • Principles of degradation that occurs in short term and long-term operation of heat exchangers.
  • Design aspects related to failure.
  • Welding issues related to heat exchangers.
  • Metallurgical understanding of the heat exchanger tubes.
  • Increase the problem-solving attitude and take the first-hand judgment on the heat exchanger failures.
  • Difference in metal behavior to mitigate the persistent tube failures.
  • General procedures, techniques and precautions in failure analysis and how stress systems relate to fracture of ductile and brittle materials.
  • Latest NDT inspection techniques for tube assessment.
  • Conduct or supervise basic failure investigation and effectively communicate with metallurgists & other experts on more complicated cases.
  • Improve reliability of company operations, cost saving, increase profitability, and enhance safety.

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