Corrosion Management is an integral part of engineering disciplines associated with the design, assurance and verification functions that ensures a product, process or system meet its appropriate requirements.

It is also considered as the discipline and profession of acquiring and applying specific, scientific, Mathematical, economic, social, legal and practical knowledge to the assurance and the verification

Evolve offers

Corrosion Management Course

and Corrosion Control Training that mainly focusses on the question “How to prevent Corrosion”. This will help industries minimize cost, schedule, technical and legal risks and improve the overall life cycle cost.

Corrosion Control Training

Corrosion Management Course


  • Corrosion management, corrosion control measures
  • Design, material selection
  • Fabrication processes, corrosion inhibition
  • Coatings, surface modification techniques
  • Electrochemical protection, corrosion monitoring
  • Prediction and assessment of corrosion
  • Fitness-for-service methodologies
  • Laboratory simulation and corrosion testing

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