Boiler tube failures

training is especially fruitful to give you a vivid understanding for different damage Mechanism Prevailing in

boiler tube failures

. It further helps you to understand the basic principlesof short term and long-term degradation of boilers. Trains you to solve the problem and assessthe failure. Assist you to analyze the difference in Metal behavior and determine better mitigation of the failure. It helps you recognize how stress systems relate to Ductile and Brittlefractures in Materials. Provides knowledge to conduct and supervise failures and communicate with Metallurgist. Improve reliability of the company operations, cost saving and increase profitability.

Boiler tube failures
Training session topics

  • Materials & Metallurgy
  • Damage Mechanism of Boiler Tube
  • Water Chemistry
  • Boiler Inspection
  • NDT techniques for Boiler Tube Components
  • Erosion Problem
  • Case studies of Failure Investigation of Boiler Tube
  • TCR lab Visit & Question Answer Session

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